And Then There Is The We

We are the ones who tried

We are the leftovers of the world, in trenches deep we sang our song

A song so bright, a song so pure, it made the devil come and see


And come

And come and see

And see us all in places down down down bellow

We are the spoon the knife the fork

We are the fork

We are all the families of the world

We are the rot that lives inside

The rot you feed

The rot you hide

The rot you try and try and try

And try some more try harder to conceal

But we persist

We are always here

We are the whales the flies the beasts

We are the army of all living of all dead all the unliving all undead

We are the prey

We are the hunt

We are the deer

We are the rabbit

We are the dog

We are the cat

We are the wings of dragons black

Dragons emerging from deepest wells down down and down bellow

From down bellow we below

We are the pilgrims praying for our voice

Lord give us voice