Description of Her

A: Liquid.

E: What kind?

A: Salty


A drop of sweat on a surface with black hair.

Beneath that, eyes

A drop of sweat on an eyebrow.

Curving above a skin basin covering the eye.

She has black eyebrows. All her life she’s had them

Skin covering her eyes. Protecting them

E: Brown eyes under black eyebrows.

A drop of sweat tangled amongst them.

A: Above the eyebrows a plain field of skin. Thick. Strong. Sturdy.

E: They call it forehead.

A: It serves as the base for the eyebrows which lie above the eyes.

The eyes are very important, some might say.

She might say the same.

E: Her eyes are quite important.

A: She extends one finger. One separates from the five.

Reaching for the eyebrow. Touching the drop of sweat.

Her finger touches the drop of sweat on her eyebrow.

E: Flattening it.

A: She breathes.

E: Exhales.