Description of the Meeting

A: Can you see?

The world is not complete.

We built it.

We filled it.

We did it ourselves.

E: But it is not complete.

A: The balance depends on a shift.

E: Depends on–

A: A shift in the balance of life.



That’s what it says.

E: It does.

A:He walks under blocks of concrete and hard steel.

Where the others live.

E:But they cannot see him.

A: He makes the air vibrate.

She roams around her body breathing with her skin.

That’s how she breathes.

With her skin.

One on top of the other

To give us life.

To break the cycle.

So we can go on.

So we can continue.

So we will never start again.


A: At the top.

The highest peak.

Where they can be seen by everyone.



That’s what it says here.

They climb the staircase to reach the ground above the world.

To be at their most public