Grand Otel/Zoa/Za Script

Day ∞-2

(The central room of a very rich and luxurious hotel. Downstage, between the audience and the stage there is a wall all the way from the left to the right side of shut tall windows. Basically a glass wall. Stage right there is the reception desk. On it a desk lamp, a telephone and a small bell. Centre stage and stage left there are two dining tables with chairs. The light is cold and sort of blueish.)

(Silence. The MAID [MD] enters. She is wearing a fox head and the classic uniform of a maid. Black dress with white lace and a white apron. She is young, keen, efficient, professional. She walks in. Stops and stares at the windows. Pause. Turns back and exits. Silence. The MD re-enters this time with a cloth and a bottle of window cleaning liquid. Stops and stares at the windows. Pause. She cant take her eyes off of them. Starts panting. Slowly starts moving towards the left end of the windows. Sticks her face on them. Tries to see what’s beyond. She cant. Pushes her face hard against the glass. She cant see what she wants. Slowly starts examining the whole body of the windows in any way she can. She touches, sniffs, knocks. This action takes her from the left end to the right end. Stops to think on her results. Slowly she walks to the centre. Stops and stares at the windows. She decides they need cleaning. She stays still. Starts panting. Stops. Slowly she walks to the left end of the windows. Calmly now. Professionally. With a clear goal in mind. She sprays the cloth with the liquid and starts wiping.)

(At this moment The MANAGER [MR] enters. He is wearing a goat head and a formal suit. Black jacket, white shirt, black tie, black trousers and smart black shoes. He is authoritative, strict, assured, soft. He walks in. Notices the MD and stops. He looks at her. The MD realizes his look. She freezes. She stops cleaning. Pause. Turns around and looks at the MR. Pause. Slowly she starts walking and exits.)