Homeward Physical Script

The beast awakens. It has slept for long.

It opens its eyes.

Does it remember?

Now what can it see? Can it see? Can it see itself?

It opens its eyes. Opening.

Remembering as opening. Opening as remembering.

And remembering

Slowly remembering

Slowly waves from far away above into the distance





Slowly and remembering.

It opens its eyes and it gazes. Around. Under and above.

Into the


It gazes at its body. Now it can see. It can see itself.

Seeing its body

Always seeing

Always slowly it awakens


There is a body. A body to be seen. And gazed and looked upon and admired and hugged and kissed and stroked and aired and waved and lied to and loved and laid on and exploded and disintegrated and soared and enchanted and radiated and eradicated.

The body is there. That body

is there.


But enough now. It has gazed long enough and soon the eyes will start to bleed if the action persists.

The beast knows this. The beast feels it.