Journey To The Moon (2018)

Sound & Visual Interactive Performative Installation.

Taking as a starting point Alexander Pushkin’s poetic drama Mozart and Salieri, the piece attempts to physicalize through sound, image and performance the unique feeling of euphoria and the creation of an otherworldy, alien atmosphere. An eerie celebration set on a sureal moon somehwere in space. The audience was invited to experience the installation by roaming around it inside a spaceship.

Sound Design Here

East 15 Acting School, London
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou & Eiffion Ap Cadno
Set & Costume Design: Fanis Sakellariou & Eiffion Ap Cadno
Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Performed by Fanis Sakellariou, Eiffion Ap Cadno & Sylvain Bott