Prologue To An Unexpected Turn Of Events

Do you see it? It’s there. Right there in front of your eyes. Can you see the sun? It’s not hard. Try. You just sit there. Doing nothing. So you think you can float. You think you can breathe. You think you are so visible. No. Don’t be mistaken. There is nothing special, nothing strange, nothing wonderful in this. Nothing in you. In this unproductive, rude unkind stillness nothing. You babble on and on about the new, the life and arrow, the profound. How appropriate. I cannot hear you. Your voice can’t reach me here. It will never reach me here. Nothing like that in this eternal plane. Nothing appropriate of yours will ever reign here. Silence. Can you hear it? How magical enchanting and profound. Nothing. How could you ever see? How can you think you hear, listen breathe and smell? You think you live. You ignore all. Stay there then and let me sacrifice the masses. Let me dive in darkest waters and bleed my ears. Let me struggle for my breath. I have earned it. Let me emerge from abyssal depths spitting all knowledge and all faith of generations long lost in time on you. You ignorant pathetic undeserving flaws. Stay there.