I know all this might seem strange to you. Somewhat out of the ordinary. I know. I can understand this. Normally I wouldn’t do anything like that. Ever. You see these are peculiar times. It’s so nice to see you being there. Just being. So ready. So passive. So eager to devour. No don’t be alarmed. Don’t change anything. I prefer it this way. I like it. See I’ve tried many times. Countless of times to get rid of it. To solve it. Success doesn’t seem to be coming. Not this way. Not on my own. I cant do it on my one. This is why you and me can work so well together. We will work well together. We will work efficiently with passion. We will overcome every obstacle that comes in our way. We will follow the great vision until it leads us to the glorifying end. We will enjoy every moment and we will remember this day for years to come. We will know that this, now, has been the greatest victory of our lives. We will push forward, surprise ourselves and be amazed with the final product. We will rejoice in our newly found state and blossom. We will fulfill the promise that had been granted to our species so long ago. We will break through hard soil and plant the seeds that will construct our new profound existence. It is the simplest of requests. Forgive me.