Sweet Inscriptions

So you’ve come here. You’ve come here full of expectations. You’ve come waiting to be amazed, expecting to witness a spectacle superb and so profound. You’ve come here because someone else dragged you with them and in reality you don’t want to be here at all and you cant stop thinking of how nice it would be if you were still at home sank in your delightful love-offering sofa enjoying a nice hot drink while being submerged deeper and deeper into the filth that has become your life completely ignoring the utter ugliness that you are in. Maybe. In fact there might be an impossible amount of reasons that you are here but it doesn’t really matter. Nothing matters except from your presence here. Your physical existence being in this place. Your body exposed and ready. Are you ready? You are looking at me. Eyes completely aroused in surprise, mesmerized by this strange unknown creature that suddenly has found a voice to speak. Don’t. Try and take your eyes away. Try it. Harder. You cant. I’m here. In absolute surrender. Ready and keen to offer. Offer anything. I have baked my goods. I have taken good care of them. Really good care. They are piping hot. I have prepared them for you. I have tasted my sweat, drunk my tears, cleaned my blood, shaved my fur. A purification is always necessary you know. It goes further back than that actually. It goes as far back as you can imagine. Imagine a moment when time was just a transparent luminous string lost in endless space. Imagine this moment and imagine some more backwards. Imagine that. That’s how much I’ve been working for this. The product of my life. If one can call this life. Can you call this life? Would you? I am ready then. Purified and cleansed, prepared to open my flesh to you. To rip my ribs apart and offer you the hottest scarlet that your eyes can handle. Offer you my hair. Do whatever you want with it. It’s yours now. Offer you my skin, my fingers, my legs, my lips, my eyes, my stomach, my delicate whitest fingertips. Have them, you cant decline them. I’m offering you my muscles, my spine, bone by bone, my marrow, my brain, my nerves, my guts, my bowels, my liver, my penis, my testicles, my heart. Have them, you cant decline them. Open me up and cut me pure. Have whatever you like. It’s all yours. Raid it all and loot it. Dance endlessly in joy and bask in your newly acquired gifts. Don’t be afraid there’s more. I’m offering you my body, my present future and my past. Every love I have experienced in my lifetime it’s yours to have. Take it. Take my peaceful greenest fields, take my seagulls on the sand, take my immense space where only flowers can grow in, take my songs and take my gods. Yours to sin. Yours to see. Yours to eat and yours to kill. Have it all. Have my parents, have my men. Have every person I have ever met. Have them all, my boys and my girls, my old and all my young. Have the young. Have them. Enjoy them. I promise you unlimited pleasure will follow. Have my ought-to-be’s, have all my dreams, have every nightmare that has ever haunted me at night. Those of you who have any means of possessing or wielding or manipulating fire in any way can gladly have my beds. They can have my cribs and all my coffins. Oh yes, my dead. You can have them all. Take all my dead and feel free to conduct yourselves in every blasphemy a human mind can create. Go wild. Lose sense. Lose every function of civilized life form. Have it all. I am offering to you. I have offered me to you. I have offered.