They came from above. No one was expecting them. They were not welcome here. There was no warning. There was no sign foretelling the upcoming disaster. There was no oracle reading ancient lost scripts. There was no priest banishing the lurking threat. Nothing. They were not welcome here. This city was once alive. That day. That day when the sky got clouded by living shadows the city was still alive. Living. Vibrant and dancing. Dancing every day to exotic and magnificent beats. Beats like blood. Like water and like flowers. Beats that would take the hearts of those on fire and make them soar above the earth and travel. Travel far above green fields where water still ran pure filled with laughter and embrace and made whoever drank from it forget past lives and run endlessly in joy. Far above craggy boulders and wet caves where furry beasts with thousand eyes and rapid wings had made their nests praying upon the ones who fled in fear of getting old. Far above vast deserts where soldiers made of sand and heat and light for centuries stood still guarding the gates against the thieves. Alive. The city was alive. Beats like life surrounded everyone and everything leading them all towards the frantic feast. And the people. The people were like colors. Their faces red with deep excitement, their skin golden from the bright sun, their hair silver like the time and their eyes blue and black and green and white. A universal rainbow inhabited this place. Real and humane. And the people. Wives and sons and sisters and mothers and husbands and grandfathers. Nothing like that existed. There were no relationships. No trapping bonds. They were all lovers. Just lovers. They were the worshipers of kiss and hug and stroke and hair and eyes. They were the worshipers of naked bodies being risen to the skies at the central square above the grand fountain bursting with molten earth. They were the lost children of the world being engulfed in an eternal youth doubting all knowledge and all script vanishing cold and tearing all walls apart with their explosive songs. And they were young. And they were free. The people of this town could only light see.