Fanis Sakellariou is a performance artist, director, sound designer, writer and actor. His work revolves mostly around experimental visual physical theatre, making performances which are not based only on a script, but rather on the dramaturgy of the body, the image, the sound, the symbols.

He views Art holistically, meaning that every aspect of the art (live performance, video, sound, visuals, text) is inevitably intertwined and each is a tool, able to express unique meanings. Therefore, his performances are often interdisciplinary, trying to involve many artistic practices, as he views performance as a living organism – a universe – where no single aspect is more important than the rest, but is placed carefully serving a specific purpose. All together, the image, the sound, the body, the performer, the lights, the text, collaborate to create the breathing world of the performance.

His main artistic interests lie on Ritual, Posthumanism and Symbols. Taking the ritual as a starting point, as a process of an absolute loss of identity, he experiments on the creation of beings larger than human, embodying universal concepts and functioning as symbols reaching the core of the human kind.

His texts are highly symbolic and visceral, trying to embody the abstract ‘pains’ of the human experience into physical images.

In his sound designs he works with electronically generated sounds, instruments and recordings of various live sounds, including voice, creating vivid sonar worlds and thus giving to the sound the same importance of a living body.

Fanis Sakellariou has worked in Athens, London and Berlin. He studied in “EMPROS” Drama School (Athens), East 15 Acting School (BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre, London) and University of the Arts, London: Central Saint Martins (MA Performance Design & Practice – Distinction)