Sound Design


Personal Soundreel

Afterpop OST

Piano, Trumpet, Saxophone, Pads, Digital Organs

ADAF 2021, 2022

Electronic music, techno referrences

Kadyrova Street

8bit sounds, drones, electronic trip-hop and spoken text.

Days Without You

Trip-Hop, Electronically Generated Sounds, Text as Texture


Machine Opera, Recordings of Drills, Voice

Tomorrow We Will Be Lighter Than Air

Piano, Various Recordings


Synthetic Drones, Voice, Duduk, Ritual

The Oceanographer

Voice, Electric Guitar, Synths, Piano, Double Bass

KX Flow

Synthetic Drones, Voice, Electric Guitar, Violin, Piano, Electric Drums,

Let It Be The Light That Decays

Synthetic Drone, Various Recordins, Voice, Electric Guitar

The Leva Experiment

Synthetic Drone, Double Pass, Recordings of Chalk & Metal, Piano

Acoustic Map of the Fields of Poseidonia

Synthetic Drones, Violin, Piano, Voice, Recordings of Ocean

Jourey To The Moon

Synthetic Drone, Electric Guitar, Voice

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