Homeward (2019, 2020)

“Homeward: Great miracle cast by advanced clerics. Return to the last bonfire rested at. Would normally link to one’s homeland, only the curse of the Undead has distorted its power, redirecting casters to a bonfire.
Or perhaps for the Undead, this serves as home?”

“Homeward” is a Visual Physical Theatre performance, based on the notion of Post-humanism. It attempts to deconstruct the “Human” and redefine it amongst the violent vectors of contemporary world, equalizing it with the visceral alteration of identity found in Primal Rituals. In a nightmarish unconscious future landscape, where life has been turned into black sand, we witness the punishment and ritual of atonement of the new species of life that annihilated everything that ever was. A show created by the “Tamer”, an unhuman circus master, who pulls the new species, the “Beast”, towards “Humanity”, a female body in a violent symbiosis with cables and tubes, and to their destructive union. It is a visceral multimedia experience, where videos gathered from the Internet that reflect our absurd reality, sound design juxtaposing ritualistic elements with digital technology, and scenography utilizing synthetic and organic materials create dynamic physical dialogues with the performing body.     

“Homeward” has been presented as a Work in Progress at Studio Theatre, Central Saint Martins, London (2019) and was scheduled for the MISC Festival at the Platform Theatre, London (2020, postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic).       

Homeward Teaser

Homeward Promo 2020

Homeward Sound Design Sample 2020

Work in Progress 2019 Documentation

UAL: Central Saint Martins, MA Performance Design & Practice
Platform Theatre, London
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Text/Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Set Design: Olga Ntenta
Costumes: Aziza Kadyri
Movement Assistane: Violeta M. Valcheva
Performers: Kostis Daskalakis, Reza Diako, Daphne Patsourakou
Filming: Yiannis Papoutsis
Poster Art: Florian-Ayala Fauna

Studio Theatre, London
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Sound, Set, Costume, Light Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Visual Design Assistance: Aziza Kadyrova
Performers: Fanis Sakellariou, Violeta Valcheva, Daphne Patsourakou


Floor Plan for Platform Theatre, London

Set Model

The Beast Model

The Tamer Model

Humanity Model