Tomorrow We Will Be Lighter Than Air (2019)

An interdisciplinary performance created by 8 international artists during a 2 months residency at Stiftung Reihnbeckallen, Berlin.
Taking as a starting point the film Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders, the piece converses with the themes of what it means to be human, the Other, ethereality, absence and the creation and destruction of worlds.

“Gravity pulling your steps to the ground
Drawing dream worlds on your arm
Sleeping naked in fresh sheets
Waking up next to him
Hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping
Hoping desperately like life
The uncomfortable void seeing your parents crying
Understanding that you are safe
Wrinkled skin
Running your fingers along the curves of a body
Knowing it’s impossible
Identifying the impossible
Wishing it wasn’t just a dream
Wishing it was
Falling again and again
Lying in a field full of flowers under the sun”

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Stiftung Reihnbeckallen, Berlin
Devised and Created by Fanis Sakellariou, Violeta Valcheva, Elly Rutherford, Danielle Donnally, Susan Hyuett, Rane Jiang, Lei Zhang, Peng Fei Zhu.
Directed by Fanis Sakellariou & Violeta Valcheva
Dramaturgy, Sound Design, Text: Fanis Sakellariou
Choreography: Violeta Valcheva
Visual Design: Elly Rutherford, Danielle Donnally, Susan Huyett, Rane Jiang
Performers: Fanis Sakellariou, Violeta Valcheva, Elly Rutherford, Aziza Kadirova, Kostas Chaldaios