Exodos (2015)

A theatre performance by the Leftovers Theatre Company, experimenting with the themes of reality and imagination, solipsism and the absolute power of fear.
Exodos was inspired by the roles of the King, the Queen and the Fool and their functions in Elizabethan theatre, with references to William Shakespeare’s plays and specifically Macbeth, Hamlet and Richard III. These characters exist in a realistic pocket universe – a study – and the more they try to devour each other to gain supremacy and power, the more the imaginary/symbolic world – a throne room – invades into the real space, pulling everything and everyone togetether towards destruction.

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Theatre Akadimia Platonos, Athens
Produced by the Leftovers Theatre Company
Written and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Performers: Fanis Sakellariou, Maro Petli, Alexandros Kanavos, Daphne Patsourakou
Assistant Director: Foteini Tentolouri
Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Set, Costume Design: Niki Psichogiou
Light Design: Mariangela Seferian